New Limited Time Halloween Mission Now LIVE!


The Vamps are on the loose! Can you hunt one down and win a special card?

How It Works

For those of you who have joined since our last seasonal mission this is how it works:

S44 Old Blud.png

  • You will need an S44 Old Blud card to start the mission, which can be found randomly in packs or you may be able to buy on the market from other players.

  • Click on the "Special Missions" button.

  • Start the "Halloween 2022" mission.

  • You have a random chance (1 in 10) of getting one of these two special instruments when the mission completes:

S45 Crucifix Guitar.png

S46 Drum Stakes.png

Animated Cards!

S44a Old Blud.gif

S45a Crucifix Guitar.gif

S46a Drum Stakes.gif

We are excited to release three new blends which give you animated cards!

These will be added to the "Blends" page soon but as before you will need 10 of the standard cards to blend into the animated version.

Please be aware that you CANNOT use the S44a Old Blud card to run the mission so make sure you have at least eleven S44 cards if you are going to blend but you still want to run the mission.

We would love to know what you think of these amazing looking cards beautifully drawn by @theturtleproject, card designed by @nupulse and then fantastically animated by @jesusmedit.

The Halloween 2022 mission will be available to run until some time during the day on 20th November.

We wish you luck if you are heading out on the vampire hunt!

Jux and the Rising Star team.

Rising Star - The Play2Earn NFT virtual music career game built on Hive.

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