Instrument Crafting Is Live!


We are pleased to announce that the brand new instrument crafting missions are now live on Rising Star!


Click on the "Custom Shop" button to enter the new zone.

The first mission available is the "Guitar Fair" with others to follow in the near future.

Screenshot 20210121 at 12.22.09.png

The crafting missions give you a random chance to find an instrument part and cost 1000 STARBITS.

The gold parts (and the flying V in the guitar fair) are the least likely to find with the chrome / silver parts being the most likely.

Once you have enough parts to make an instrument those that can be crafted are shown by clicking on the "Crafting" link.

Screenshot 20210121 at 12.23.30.png

The instrument name contains numbers which show you which parts are required as follows:

  • The first number is the body: 1 = flying V, 2 = yellow, 3 = red.
  • The second number is the machine heads: 1 = gold, 3 = chrome.
  • The third is the pickups.: 1 = gold, 2 = black, 3 = chrome.
  • The last number is the strings: 1= gold, 3 = silver.

When you click the "Confirm" button an NFT will be minted and sent to your account and the parts you used will be deducted from your inventory.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this update and we look forward to your feedback!

Cheers and rock on,
Jux and the Rising Star team.

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