$71,106 of STARPRO Burned! + Raves Update


It was well overdue (and that's an understatement!) but we have finally burned the unused STARPRO!!

As announced when we launched STARPRO well over a year ago there is a maximum of 100 STARPRO minted every day via Music Promoter (this is now considerably less due to the recent changes) plus an additional 20 that goes to the game to be sold or used for other things as and when required.

All that extra STARPRO has been sitting in our accounts because I was quite nervous about sending such large amounts to the @null account! However I plucked up the courage and finally did it!

Screenshot 2022-09-24 at 14.53.09.png

So the total amount of STARPRO at today's value sitting in the @null account is now 28,106 STARPRO worth $71,106!

Screenshot 2022-09-24 at 14.21.12.png

We will now burn STARPRO on a more regular basis to remove it from our accounts forever!

Raves Testing

We have invited many of you in to help us test the forthcoming "Raves" feature and it is going really well!

Screenshot 2022-09-24 at 10.53.14.png

We added the police raids functionality today and will be working on the bonus functionality for holding certain cards or groups of cards soon.

If you have any FA cards (FA1, FA2, FA3 or FA4) and would like to help us test then please let me know in Discord.

Missed what "Raves" is all about? Catch my presentation at #HIVEFEST below (starts at 5:58:15 in):

Until next time Carry On Busking (the new Carry On film coming from Rising Star Movie Studios soon!).

Jux and the Rising Star team.

Rising Star - The Play2Earn NFT virtual music career game built on Hive.

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