Buy Packs With WAX!


*** UPDATE ***

You can now buy pack NFTs on Atomic Hub via a daily drop. See the announcements channel in Discord to get the link to the latest drop.

Once you have purchased the NFTs send them to y.cqq.wam and include your Hive name in the memo. Then DM Jux in Discord as it is currently a manual process to issue the packs in game.

We are testing out if there is a demand to buy Rising Star packs with WAX.

This is currently a manual process but if it proves popular then we will look to automate it with a button in game.

Current prices (subject to change based on market prices) are:

  • 1 pack = 12 WAX.
  • 12 pack = 120 WAX.

The packs will be issued on Hive Engine as normal. This is just an alternative purchase option to save you converting WAX to Hive.

If you would like to make a purchase then please contact me (Jux) in Discord so I can confirm the current price and tell you which WAX account to send the funds to.

Congratulations @apprentice001 for being the first ever person to purchase a pack with WAX!

Other Cryptos?

If you would like to see other cryptos available for pack purchases then please leave a comment so we can see if there is a demand.

Cheers and rock on \m/

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