Rising Star #46

Hello friends, I'm bringing you my rising star account update.This is just an update I'm doing to show you my progress in the game. Last postmy account was like this.

In these last few days I bought many packs, and many individual cards to increase my number of unique cards. I used to be around 350 in the rankings and now I'm getting around 230.
I also started doing FanClub missions, but I'm doing it little by little instead of rushing.

In one of my last packs I took out the new seasonal card and I'm doing a few missions a day trying my luck with the instruments.And I already got my first.

So after 423 cards my account looks like this:

Next goals:

  • Increase the amount of skill I earn per music lesson. Currently I gain a maximum of 314 SP
  • Save starbits to open 5 packs on new cards day.
  • Keep progressing in FanClub. Currently I have done 37 missions.
  • Try to get the animated seasonal instruments.

About the game:

  • I really liked the new changes in star bits millionaire. It was always a mission with a lot of return and one could be stagnant just by farming this mission and selling their coins. Now with the requirement of the number of fans it is assumed that part of those starbits will be reinvested in the game.

If you haven't played the game yet, start with the link.https://www.risingstargame.com?referrer=rafasete

Thanks for reading and GG !

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