Rising Star Weekly Giveaway No.4 - Win 10,000 STARBITS + Tips for BEGINNERS + My account progress - by @pero82

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Hello everyone! Pozdrav svima!

Welcome to the 4th edition of Rising Star Weekly Giveaway! This week (and weeks to come) I will organize a Rising Star Giveaway in which you can win amazing 10,000 STARBITS. Yes, you read it right - 10k STARBITS! 🎁



~~ ⚡️ ACCOUNT STATUS ⚡️ ~~

In first week's post I showed you how I started my voyage in the world of the Rising Star and what I did in my first 6 months of playing this awesome game. I told you what were the good steps I took and what were my mistakes. If you're interested in reading this, click 👉 HERE. 👈

If you read last week's report you probably know I got my Starbits Millionaire card last week, so I've been doing Starbits Millionaire Mission every day. I will have to start acquiring more Fans soon to be able to continue.
(If you are not aware of changes to Starbits Millionaire Mission you can find about them on this LINK.)


My main focus this week was Summer Breeze special mission, since its ending today August 4th. I won another S42 The Scratcher Limiter Seasonal Card, my 4th one! 🎉


I've also won my first S43 Pro DJ Mixer card! 🎉


This week I was also doing Promote Fan Club Special Mission in order to get Fan Club cards on certain milestones. Those Fan Club cards are needed for Record Signing Special Mission (each record signing requires a random Fan Club level & card to give you a chance at finding a 'Super Fan' card.) - you could get one one these 4 cards:


I didn't manage managed to get any, but I'm still low level so I know my time is yet to come.

At the time of writing this post, this is how my account looks like.


I gained a level since last week, now I'm half way through level 61 and I have 3138 Fans (2700 from cards, the rest are Temporary Drunks), 2200 Luck (most comes from instrument cards), 7296 Skill (3071 from cards and 5225 from lessons) with Income Modifier of 71.

Currently I own 179 cards of which are:

  • People Cards x22
  • Instrument cards x141
  • Energy Boost cards x6
  • Transport cards x5
  • Fanclub Cards x4
  • ONE STARBITS Millionaire Card



Up to this day I've done 1722 Missions, distributed more or less evenly as you can see in the table below.

Mission nameNumber of completionsChange from last week
Illegal Busking2191
Open Mic Night25414
Mid Week Support1646
Licensed Busking46-
Midweek Headline Slot20-
Saturday Support25-
Saturday Headline46-
Radio Interview36027
Radio Studio Session351
Shopping Mall Performance88-
Record A Demo44-
Local Festival Acoustic Tent69-
Local Mini Tour Support7213
Band Auditions0-
Summer Breeze5224
Record Signing142
Promote Fan Club3710
STARBITS Millionaire157
Basic Singing Lesson40-
Guitar Lesson66-
Piano Lesson564
Total Missions1722105



  • Buy the Energy Boost and Pizza Box card first (I made a mistake to buy a Person card first). Make your primary goal to save enough STARBITS to buy Energy Boost (currently sold on the market for 10k STARBITS) and after that Pizza Box (currently sold on the market for 7,5k STARBITS). They will allow you to do more missions daily and grow your account faster. (If you win in this giveaways you will have enough STARBITS to buy one right away 😎)
  • Try to organize your mission schedule in that way that you do the longest (most energy expensive) missions when you know you will be away from your PC/Mobile or before you go to sleep. So your energy recovers while you're doing those long missions and by the time you get back not only you have a mission done but you have enough energy for a new one. If your energy is full and you're not doing anything with it - its wasting this precious resource.
  • Energy recover rate is about 1% per 5 mins (it can be shorter with Coffee, but that boost lasts only 1 hour), so to get from 0% to 100% it will take you about 8 hours and 20 mins.
  • Before you use your Energy Boost or Pizza Box try to spend all your energy so it doesn't go to waste. What I like to do is after I do a long mission, after it finishes for example I'm on 30% energy. I would do 2 runs of Illegal Busking and then use the boost. Often it happens that by doing that I find discarded pizza and my energy fills up automatically, so I save my energy boost and get full energy for long missions.
  • Try to do different missions daily. Don't spam just one mission whole day because it will start yielding less and less STARBITS.
  • When you feel comfortable enough, acquire some STARPRO and start doing Promote Fan Club and Record Signing Special Missions, it's definitely worth it.
  • IMPORTANT: Only Starbits Millionaire cards issued by Rising Star will work with your account. DO NOT BUY THEM OFF THE MARKET if you plan to try and use it to run the Millionaire mission.



We had 37 entries for Rising Star Weekly Giveaway No.3 and the winner was decided by the spin of the wheel!


Congratulations 🥇 @dr-doofus 🥇 !
You are the winner of the 10,000 STARBITS!





~~ 🎁 GIVEAWAY 🎁 ~~

Now, lets get to this week's giveaway, where you have a chance to win 10,000 STARBITS!

There will be one (1) lucky winner who will be decided by a raffle with Wheel of names. The raffle will be done after the post deadline (aprox. 7 days), and the winner will be announced in next week's giveaways post.

In order to participate:

  • You need to comment your in-game username and something like "I'm in"
  • Upvotes or follows are optional, but are much appreciated.

🍀 Good luck to all the participants and see you next week. 🍀



I made a notification list of all the participants, so you get notified when the results come. If you do not wish to be on the list, please let me know in your comment.

Previous participants:

@abzolutezer0123, @adysscheryl, @alex2alex, @amaillo, @an0na, @beszys, @blitzzzz, @circlebubble, @coquicoin, @cripz1crypto, @dagger88, @daje10, @danideuder, @davideownzall, @dayron101184, @deepspiral, @dirolls, @distopia4444, @draco19, @dr-doofus, @eddqq, @engilhramn, @flquin, @freed99, @gentlepusa, @glitt3r, @henruc, @ifarmgirl, @imfarhad, @jfang003, @joaophelip, @johnweed, @jugones2, @king-moy, @lespipirisnais, @listik303, @lorddiablo, @luizeba, @lumkela, @maggotmilk, @mauriciolimax, @newsc0rpi0, @nietokilll, @orenj1, @perales, @plicc8, @pregosauce, @queen-silvia, @reiell1, @ricardoeloy, @ronnybryant, @rtonline, @savagecollector, @siramadeus, @skaydre, @stekene, @stevermac1966, @supriya.gupta, @tengolotodo, @thaddeusprime, @the-pockets, @vagabond42069, @vicer0y, @yankosoito, @ydaiznfts, @zonadigital21


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