Band Auditions Mission. My experience and Findings to complete Band Auditions mission.


Band Auditions mission is the seventh mission in the second zone " Local Gig Circuit ". It takes 240 minutes to end .
Mission requirements includes

  1. 1500 fans.

  2. 75 levels.

  3. 100% energy level.

Followings are the targets of Band Auditions mission.

  1. Unlock 4 Band members.
  2. unlock 5 instruments.
  3. Unlock a vehicle.

Instruments and vehicle may be anyone which you either buy from the market or get by cards opening but Unlocking Band Member requires to play the game.
Every time you do the Band Audition mission there is a 1 in 5 chance of finding a band member.This does not mean that by playing 5 times Band Auditions mission a band member will be definitely unlocked. May be after playing 6 times or 7 times or even after first attempt you can get a band member unlocked. There are no hard and fast rules or defined method to get success.
Different players tackle this in different ways. Some players play continuously this mission. Some play before sleeping.
Here I would like to share my strategy.
Play One time Band Auditions Mission. Once you complete the mission your energy will be at approx 50%. Consume this energy in different standard missions or musical lessons. Then consume again this generated energy into other standard missions.
Once you are out energy utilize a pizza slice and start Band Auditions Mission.
Follow this route until and unless you get success.But beside this the most important thing which I found is that you should have more than or equal to 3k fans at least if you want to finish this mission fast.

Thanks for reading and support.

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