Starbits & Cold Pizza #4 Music Lessons & Instruments - RS Tips, Tricks, Resources + Giveaways


Hey Rockstars,

Time for another addition of Starbits and Cold Pizza.

So let's get on with it.

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Today's Discussion: Music Lessons & Instruments

Getting the most out of your music lessons so you can reap maximum rewards is key. I'm all about working smarter not harder. the key here is to collect many of the same instruments as possible.

If you check out RS facts you'll see instruments are grouped into different lesson categories.

5 Instrument Lesson Groups

  1. Singing Lesson - Unlocks at Level 10
  2. Guitar Lesson - Unlocks at Level 10
  3. Drum Lesson - Unlocks at Level 50
  4. Piano Lesson - Unlocks at Level 25
  5. Orchestral Lesson Lesson - Unlocks at Level 75
  6. Production Lesson - Unlocks at Level 30
  7. Road Crew Lesson - Unlocks at Level 100


Key Elements To Keep in mind

  • The more luck your instrument has, the more it will contribute to increasing the Skills output for that lesson.
  • Duplicate instruments also contribute to your luck skills.

What are your tips for increasing your music lesson output?

Top 10 Rising Star Players

Today's Top - 11 Jan


Compared to - 5 Jan


Top 10 is almost exactly the same. Positions 1 to 4 still dominated by: @Foxton and @paleshelter, @musicuniversity, @apprentice001. @thehive and @slobberchops are playing musical chairs with 5 and 6. And then @liuke96player, @forykw, @cooltivar and @riccc96 all strong in positions 7 through 10 respectively.

Hey Top 10, any tips for us new players? Pop us a line!

My Progress Update:

My rockstar friend @minimining sent me 1 FARM to buy a new pack. Becuase he is super nice like this! Thank again mini! And I bought 3 more packs, so that's 4 new packs this week.

Pack Opening:

No super epic cards but I'm super chuffed with what i got. All 4 packs were rich in luck and/or skill. which is just what i needed. Thanks to these babies my ego is finally down to 0 and i can achieve maximum starbits rewards.


New missions


Saved up enough starbits for a Mid Range acoustic and finally hot the Local gig circuit. Only a few radio interviews in but we'll be dominating soon!

Stats are looking great!

  • Rank: 221
  • Level: 35
  • 42 Cards
  • 1382 permanent fans
  • 371 Luck
  • 1495 Skills
  • 18 IM
  • Total Missions: 709

What's your progress like? Got Any Hot Tips?

I'm keen to connect with other players! Pop me a line to let me know how you doing, or any hot tips you'd like to share!

Till next time, keep on rocking.

Much love from Sunny Cape Town, @Mimismartypants

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Rising Star Resources & Giveaways

I found these resources by other players quite useful, so thought I would share:

Cool Resources for tips & Tricks:

Rising Star Giveaways

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  • Follow @surya1adiga for Daily status and card give away posts (on hold now but promises to be back soon)
  • Follow @cryptofiloz for Daily Pack Opening, Tips + Giveaways
  • Follow @irisworld for Rising Star Giveaways.

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