Rising Star NFT Giveaway 37 Dennis and 39 Oliver

Hi everyone, It's really nice to have You here. Today it's a time for another 2 common nfts giveaway, i hope You'll like it and enjoy it. Let me know in comment what common cards You would like to see in next giveaway. Have a nice day

Cards for giveaway:

1. 37 Dennis

2. 39 Oliver

How to participate in giveaway:

  1. Upvote this post
  2. Follow me, if You don't want to miss any giveaway
  3. Leave a comment with your Rising Star name
  4. 22.08.21 around 18:00 Rising Star game time i will choose random name and i will transfer a card

I hope You'll enjoy, have a nice day
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Thank You and Have a nice day

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