Rising Star Level 100 & HBD a Day from Games Update


Level 100

Finally reached Level 100 in Rising Star 🎷🎢🎡 If you're not familiar with Rising Star, it's a free to play idle music NFT game, check them out here.

Unlocking the Full Band Headline mission is what's good with reaching level 100. This offers a better reward compared to the Shopping mall mission while giving a lower ego. I usually do the long missions because I'm lazy and I don't want to monitor my missions too much. Today is the exception, I will spam Full Band Headline mission until the fans are bored πŸ˜‹.

HBD a Day Update

Last May 1, I started saving HBD a day using earnings I get from Rising Star. I usually get 16,000 Starbits daily average from playing RSG. Once I convert it to Swap.HIVE, I would swap 1.01 HBD using BeeSwap, this is to compensate for slippage and withdrawal commission. I usually end up with a little over 1 HBD when I am done moving it to Hive. The excess Swap.HIVE, I also move it to Hive and use it for Powering Up. Plan to reassess things once I have 1,000 HP.

The past few days, there were problem with some hive engine nodes so my deposit to savings are delayed. I started with around 12 HBD and 650 HP, now account is 25 HBD and 781 HP. There were some curation/author rewards so increase was faster.


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