I Bought Another Booster


There are times when I have to wait for my energy to replenish or just do smaller missions. But I want to advance to the next level so I bought another Pizza card. I already have two, and I am aiming to buy more in the future.


So here are the Boosters that I got. They're helpful with my continual missions. Meanwhile, my next goal is to buy the card that will give me the opportunity to do Local Gig Circuit Missions.


Here's my current standing

  • 1521 Fans
  • 91 Luck
  • 1424 Skills
  • 29 IM

At the moment, I have a total of 35 Cards. Meanwhile, the browser of Hive Keychain app is perfect for Rising Star Game. You can even buy cards using it via mobile phone unlike in Google Chrome.

Just one question, can two users join from same IP? My wife, who's also here on Hive wanted to try but I told her not to. Thanks for anyone who will answer.

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