Livin’ on a prayer

Hello everyone,
I hope you are healthy and doing fine. And I am back with my complaint, struggles, rants, or sob story. Whatever you may call it.

(That's a Joke. I love you guys and wouldn’t bore you with my sob stories. And that is why I brought you the sob story of my gameplay.)

Screenshot of actual gameplay

After doing a week of Illegal busking and random Open Mics for a week, I think my luck is changing. I managed to attract enough crowd of people that someone did notice men and offered me a slot. Which is a big thing considering that I spent the entire last week doing nothing but getting booted from corners to corners. It did hurt a little when I came to know the real story behind the offer. Turned out I am just a filler. But that's ok, pretty soon at this point I will take a gig at the birthday party as long as they offer me a piece of cake. And are willing to let me hold my guitar. I wish there was any legal way of doing this because I am tired of getting kicked around. And since there is no such provision I guess the only way is to pay off those pesky cops. I don't like to promote bribery but sometimes it seems the logical move.

The plan is to become a rockstar. But with my current Luck, I don't even seem to get anything. The only way through seems to be grinding. And that's what I am have been doing. I had been roaming around the streets looking for Gigs that pays out in StarBits. But it's a tough competition and with this luck I am not getting anywhere. But I guess I am not that unlucky. As I came across, 50 or so people who are looking for starving artists in the streets of Buskeria. And I applied to all. (Talking about giveaways) I am sure many talented artists participate in looks for the handsome payout. And I am sure the selection is in lottery-style completely based on luck. But I am feeling lucky lately so who knows maybe I will land a nice gig and win something to hold on to.
Screenshot of actual gameplay

Oh!! I almost forgot to mention. After learning that I lack talent, I signed up Carlito. And by signing up I mean he agreed to roam around the streets looking for the Pizza Slice and Cup of Coffee. But One thing I can say about him, The dude got some skills. So I got him a Mid Range Acoustic Guitar. So far nothing much is happening. Just some illegal busking, but I am sensing great adventure ahead. Anyway, things are ok... Scratch that... things are terrible here, but I am ok. Because at the end of the day. I am not alone in this. When I look across there is always another struggling artist like me who is going to the same shit as me, but with a smile. And I think I can beat that, and be an Icon, a rockstar, and inspiration to all the others. But till then the only way is through.

Screenshot of actual gameplay

I am inuke and you are witnessing the making of a rockstar.
I enjoy playing this game. Not just for the rewards, but for the gameplay itself. It is literally the journey of the Nobody to a rockstar. And there may be many such games in the market, but I haven’t played any. And for that reason, I am rating this as a 4star game. (I am holding that 1 star for future use. Sorry!!! a force of habit ;-) ) As for the Livin on the prayer that is what it feels like lately. And that is Okay :-D

Cheers to all.
And see ya soon.
And if you have time give it a try


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