⭐️ Rising Star - Bought a new pack today and more...

Hello and welcome to all the readers.

A good progress. Since last post, i have being doing more lessons to reduce Ego percentage. It is slow but making progress.

Today i purchased a new pack using vibes, this is what i discovered.
R46 Guitar - skill 55, 0 fans
14 MC Trapper - 5 skills, 5 fans
8 Glam Rocker - 1 skill, 0 fans
A semi skill pack.

My Dashboard:
Skill - 611 from cards, 2685 from lessons
Drunks - 2892 from cards, temporary 5

Ego from fans - 2897 (5 temporary drunks)
Ego from missions - 1769 (added 23 since last post)
Total - 4666

Way forward:

  • Ego has gone done to 29%. Will continue doing more lessons
  • list some of the duplicate cards on the market
  • Work towards reaching level 55
  • Keep accumulating starbits
  • Do something different before my next post.


down by 14, in the ranking.

Thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.


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