Rising Star weeklong JACKPOT - concept & rules


I like it complex and dynamic

Like my giveaway, this Jackpot will have some dynamic parts and some fixed parts in the reward pool. First part is going to be fixed which will be 70K starbits (7 days of starbits millionaire mission). The dynamic part will follow this formula:
x * AVG(lvlA, lvlB)

x - number of unique participants
lvlA - my ingame level
lvlB - ingame level of player ranking 100th in the leaderboard

Final formula looks like this
70000 + x * AVG(lvlA,lvlB) STARBITS

As you can see total prize pool will be determined at the end of submissions with a minimum prize pool of 70k.

As for winners, there will be 5 total winners. I will be using this tool to determine winners, and the resulting winners will be placed form 1-5 from top to bottom. Shares of the prize pool will look like this:

  1. place gets 40% of the pool
  2. place gets 25% of the pool
  3. place gets 15% of the pool
  4. place gets 10% of the pool
  5. place gets 10% of the pool

This is the example of the draw


As for rules on how to participate:

  • there is NO direct participation from this post
  • by participating in my giveaways you will be automatically participating in this jackpot
  • only 1 participation per giveaway counts towards this draw, which means you can have a maximum of 7 entries per jackpot to increase your chances (this may change in the future, right now I'm in for engagement)


  • jackpots will be announced in giveaway posts and they will occur once a month (no specific start date yet)

Comments for giveaway participation on this post will be IGNORED entirely. Go check @holoferncro/posts for latest giveaway.

Gl and enjoy.


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