Rising Star - Illegal Busking STARBITS giveaway #130


Till fans get bored

About giveaway: The concept is very simple, do an "Illegal Busking" mission until fans get bored and payout drops (5 missions total), then give this sum away to help other players out. As the mission payouts are random I'll be giving away 80% of the total payout and use 20% as a head start for the next giveaway.
Today's results are here:

Mission 13512Reward:14181
Mission 24524Next bonus:3546
Mission 34209
Mission 42941
Mission 5134


Since rewards are going up and up because I buy new cards all the time, I'm considering implementing a new rule. Any time reward is 14K+ starbits there will be 2 winners sharing reward 50-50. This won't apply to current giveaway, but next time reward goes 14k+ there will be drawing for 2 winners.

Last giveaway participants for 9628 strabits are:
@tampilyne @kuronokenshi @irisworld @oxidil @harpreetjanda @dlmmqb @servelle @beaverwarrior @beyondhorizonmm @luizeba @btcsam @yeckingo1 @whickey @jesustiano @kotenoke @valdiva @alejoca @eghnim @mario02 @handtalk5 @skyple @michaeldav @pablodare @dubble @boboman @chuckrick @subidu @ninjamike @k5905200786 @madnessinsane @finris @scotty297 @amaillo @belhaven14 @lokywolf2295 @urielg @jfang003 @aweee @skykib @gabox12 @javiss @rafasete

The winner is:

Starbits sent:

Rules for participation:

  • comment something, anything (username, invite friend, etc.)
  • any submissions on this post after my comment marking the end for entry, will be invalid

Additional notes:

  • WARNING: There were some phishing links in the comments. DO NOT CLICK on links in the comments unless you are certain.

  • anyone that participates in daily giveaways will be automatically included in the active jackpot
  • daily draws will occur Monday - Friday around 15:30 UTC and Saturday - Sunday anywhere between 15:30 and 20:00 UTC depending on my private schedule (this bullet is added due to the increasing number of invalid/late submissions)
  • possibility of drawing multiple winners when reward passes certain threshold (14k+ - 2 winners, 21k+ - 3 winners ...)
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