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A few words

Pump it Up is kind of burning me out. I still feel like going, but it's not quite the same. Luckily, exercising is a major factor encouraging practice, so even if it doesn't feel as amazing anymore, it'll work its way in my life as a very healthy habit. I've kind of a sad mood lately due to not having friends around, ever, and I can't really meet new people at the arcade. Even though I befriend them, it's not like we're going to be best buddies all of a sudden.

But this mood swing shouldn't affect those that I care about. It's just a phase, so why am I talking so much about it to my girlfriend, who already has her own problems? That's so selfish. When I wake up tomorrow, I really don't want to forget these conclusions so I don't repeat this mistake two days in a row - if it hasn't been even more without me being fully aware of it.

It's all about balance. Gotta keep it on track. We don't want anything falling apart because of a bunch of tiny mistakes, do we now! Hopefully, I didn't affect my online friends as well.

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