Rising Star #43 + CARD GIVEAWAY

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A few words

I would love to do something extra with my posts. My good friend is drawing a logo for me in a week or so. Hopefully, that'll add a lot of fluff. Hey, if you need commissions from an artist with a knack for anime-like art, she's NiniKim#5272 on Discord. Add her! Since she really needs work, you can get great stuff from her for as low as $5.

Reporting for duty

I am a Rising Star millionaire, holding 1 million starbits at level 50. This enables the STARBITS Millionaire quest once a day, which earns me 10k starbits every time for 65% energy. Starbits earned this way are spent buying packs. One card is given away every single day.

Level: 50
Fans: 15391
Luck: 2893
Skill: 37366
IM: 170

Giveaway goal: Make giveaways for Luicy. 1/2

Leave a comment if you want to join this giveaway, for the card in this post's image!

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