Rising Star #42 + CARD GIVEAWAY

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A few words

Last Chubby Subby being given away. Not sure what the next card is going to be. I'm spending most of my millionaire quest starbits on packs, so it's not like you'll run out of giveaways to join. :) Too bad I haven't even gotten an epic at all in the last 10 packs or so. Meh, luck of the draw.

Reporting for duty

I am a Rising Star millionaire, holding 1 million starbits at level 50. This enables the STARBITS Millionaire quest once a day, which earns me 10k starbits every time for 65% energy. Starbits earned this way are spent buying packs. One card is given away every single day.

Level: 50
Fans: 14016
Luck: 2893
Skill: 37366
IM: 170

Giveaway goal: Make giveaways for Chubby Subby. 5/5

Leave a comment if you want to join this giveaway, for the card in this post's image!

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