Rising Star #26 + CARD GIVEAWAY

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A few words

Two days to level up once. So I guess I'm still a bit over a week away from level 50, at least on my own pace. This is starting to get a little frustrating, but I will reach level 50 eventually, so there's no real harm in waiting a little longer. I'm just anxious about it, that's all. 4 levels away! I'm level 46 already. Yay.

Reporting for duty

In Rising Stars, my current goal is leveling up all the way to 50 so I can start the millionaire quest once a day which earns me 10k starbits. I already have the million starbits I need.

Strategy: I am focusing on music lessons non-stop all the way to level 50, because that's what earns me the most XP.

Earnings: I am not earning any STARBITS as I focus on getting to level 50 through nothing but music lessons. I am earning through posts meanwhile.

Starbits to goal: 1,000,000 / 1,000,000.
Level goal: 50. Currently level 46, 200 / 2600 xp
Fans: 16851
Luck: 3062
Skill: 32840
IM: 269

Giveaway goal: Make giveaways for Jessie. 1/4

Leave a comment if you want to join this giveaway, for the card in this post's image!

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