Rising Star #25 + CARD GIVEAWAY

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A few words

Today, I couldn't update my stats, because despite having started a mission just an hour ago, now that I'm writing this post, the website is down. Bummer. I'll leave numbers as they were on the last post, then make sure to update them on the next one. I wonder if Rising Star has ever been DDoS'd?

This is already the last Robbie. We're changing to Jessie cards next!

Reporting for duty

In Rising Stars, my current goal is leveling up all the way to 50 so I can start the millionaire quest once a day which earns me 10k starbits. I already have the million starbits I need.

Strategy: I am focusing on music lessons non-stop all the way to level 50, because that's what earns me the most XP.

Earnings: I am not earning any STARBITS as I focus on getting to level 50 through nothing but music lessons. I am earning through posts meanwhile.

Starbits to goal: 1,000,000 / 1,000,000.
Level goal: 50. Currently level 45, 160 / 2250 xp
Fans: 16851
Luck: 3062
Skill: 30906
IM: 269

Giveaway goal: Make giveaways for Robbie. 2/2

Leave a comment if you want to join this giveaway, for the card in this post's image!

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