Radio interviews in my Rising Star career + CARD GIVEAWAY


Leaving Home Town almost permanently

What's better than one Saturday Headline? Six Radio Interview! When combined, they earn you more XP and a safer STARBITS average outcome, while consuming a lot less time, so it works better with pizza. Sure, it stacks up your ego, but if you have enough instrument cards, a single mission is more than enough for an entire day of interviewing. One Saturday Headline consumes 100% energy while earning us the same as 6 Radio Interviews, which consume 90% energy. But there's also "loot".

One of most crucial aspects of starting many smaller missions instead of a big one is the loot. You get that many more chances of finding four-leaf clovers, discard pizzas and coffees. Right now, I'm targeting from 5 to 7 radio visits a day while doing HIVE stuff in the morning, then finish off with a pizza and a Saturday Headline. Coming back to the game at night lets me complete one more Saturday Headline before going to bed. I don't feel like I'm wasting my time. It fits my schedule just right.

If I overachieve my daily goal, picking up more than one pizza slice, a couple of Radio Studio Sessions tire me out as much as necessary. They're a bit more boring to complete because they take half an hour instead of an interview's 5 minutes, but they're also even more efficient. Either way, if you've unlocked the Local Gig Circuit, almost nothing justifies going back to Home Town.


Card giveaway

How's your mission scheduling? Anything like mine? Is it completely random? Tell me what it's like below (or anything else, really) to participate in this post's R67 Febie giveaway.

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