Rising Star Game - Story of last days, Closing on to Level 50

Rising Star game - where your rocking dreams come true!

As you may remember my immediate goal with the Rising Star game is to reach level 50 and start using the benefits of the StarBits Millionaire card. It's like a small project for me with goals, milestones, and stuff ...

The situation at this moment is that I am doing the longest and most rewarding mission - Acoustic Tent - whenever possible. That translates to when I have enough power and when pizzas are dropping like mad. As it was yesterday.

I already had three pizza boxes full. Yet ...

I am buying the fourth box right now!

Sometimes you get more pizzas than you can handle. At other times the well is dry for a long time. It's like in life :)

XP status

LevelXP To Make ItCurrent XP
To go8069-
Hours67.2410 hours of 120 XP each
Days6.7210 hours daily
Goal date25.11.2020-

I told you, it's a project. My estimate is that I will reach level 50 in a week. What do you think?

Radio Evolved Show

YouTube and Discord, every Sunday evening at 8 PM UTC

Be there! Get prizes.

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Join the fun through my referral link

Start playing this game and become a music star. At least on the Hive blockchain which is certainly better than nothing.

Join me through my referral link and we will both gain. You will get my tutorship and me one Starbit for every mission completed by everyone I referred to. Thank you!

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