Rising Star Giveaway - win 1500 STARBITS (Daily)

Cursephantom's daily giveaway until you bored

This giveaway is sponsored by STARBITS Millionaire mission 😂

The magical word for yesterday was "Updates"

Let's see the eligible participant:

  1. @c3r34lk1ll3r
  2. @sp3ktraline
  3. @smokrthou
  4. @yeckingo1
  5. @danimv13
  6. @marcinxyz
  7. @rentaw03
  8. @btcsam
  9. @zero-exp
  10. @new.things
  11. @thatcryptodave
  12. @technocrypton
  13. @plint
  14. @tertius
  15. @rachaeldwatson
  16. @johnweed
  17. @dubble
  18. @andy-plays
  19. @subwaysurfer
  20. @oxidil
  21. @saimaali
  22. @whickey
  23. @blitzzzz
  24. @ed4bor
  25. @tokutaro22
  26. @hoosie
  27. @rayius
  28. @amaillo
  29. @sinaida
  30. @alvy1622
    *ordered by time comments

30 participants for yesterday and go for it Avrae~

And the winner is...

Congratulations! Number 25 (@tokutaro22) you get 1000 STARBITS🎉 and number 5 (@danimv13) you get 500 STARBITS

Let's continue with today's giveaway~

1000 starbits for the first winner and 500 starbits for the second winner.

The magical word for today is "Hackers"
*You just need to comment in this post with the magical word to be an eligible participant. Upvote/Comment = You're an eligible participant.

What are you doing today? Me? I need to finish my daily and ready for cleaning time before Chinese New Year come~ Fix my sleeping time is on-progress too~
07:00 AM > 06:00 AM > 04:00 AM slow but sure.

Do you know about current news? I already shared it before tho~ It's concerning matters of all crypto players.
"North Korea hackers stole $400m of cryptocurrency in 2021"
As we play crypto in the network, we're sure that you must build a security awareness to keep your crypto safe.

  1. Never trust anyone
    You can't give your private key or private word phrase to anyone even to the admin of your community. That's a key to unlock access to your wallet.
  2. Keep negative thinking of any link
    Whoever shares a link to you, always double-check the link :3 especially the domain. I still see someone get caught in the "Discord Nitro gift" phishing link nowadays. It's not a discord nitro gift... discprd, discord-gıft, etc
  3. Keep your antivirus and windows up-to-date
    Not for commercial things, windows defender in windows 10 is already enough for all malware or virus in your computer. Windows already make sure that all updates even for their OS bug are immediately fixed by windows update.
  4. Enable Real-Time Security
    It's enabled by default. No matter how updated your antivirus it's useless if you're not enabling real-time security. It means to stay away from crack applications too~ Buy it if you need it (company advice).
    *I'm not a security expert but I learn it from everyone, at least these days my friends even got that and I was like, "I told u"

DYOR for crack application. No one can hold you to not use that. Just be careful~

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