Rising Star Giveaway - win 1000 STARBITS (Daily)

Cursephantom's daily giveaway until you bored

This giveaway is sponsored by STARBITS Millionaire mission 😂

The magical words for yesterday are "WORKERBEE"

Let's see the eligible participant:

  1. @rayius
  2. @technocrypton
  3. @ravenmus1c
  4. @spryquasar
  5. @amaillo
  6. @assasinos3
  7. @master.splinter
  8. @mario02

8 participants for yesterday and go for it Avrae~

And the winner is...

Number 3 @ravemus1c 🎉

Congratulations 🎉 1000 STARBITS sent to you

Let's continue with the giveaway for today~
The magical word for today is "SPS" << refer to SPS token (Splinterland Shards)
*You just need to comment in this post with the magical word to be eligible participants.

There's a rumor about SPS will get bullish because of airdrop VOUCHERS token is already finished. But, I don't think it's a good reason to sell SPS like that... Better to keep it and stack it with APY 50% for now

Hope you read this section to join~

Ok, Status update!

Level 53
Lesson skill 3767 (Total: 5143)
Permanent Ego 909 (Total: 4339)
Counting days: 98

See you tomorrow~ Have a nice day~

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