Rising Star 2000 Starbit Giveaway X 2 #25 - Ends in 2 day

Welcome to my Giveaway friends,

It has been for a while I have played this game; I have received many of your support and help, and it is the time I start my giveaway. The giveaway may not like a jackpot, but even a little can help somewhere.

The Chinese lunar new year is coming; it is the most important traditional holiday in Chinese area. It starts from January 20 to January 29, and I am so excited about it as most of Chinese, so I would give 2000 Starbit two people during the Chinese lunar new year; enjoy it, my friends.


Giveaway Rules

If you wish to participate:

  • Please leave a comment with your Rising Star username (include @), and only one comment per user.
  • Upvote, Re-blog and Tipping are not required, but I appreciated if you do.
  • I will be using the Random Picker to determine the eligible winner and the winner will be announced later.


Winner Announcement

Congratulations @amaari and @daethical
Link to the last giveaway: @circlebubble/rising-star-2000-starbit-giveaway-ea9ad1491a644


Follow me if you want to get updates of future planned giveaways, and please DO NOT CLICK on links in the comments, in case they are phishing links.


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