Open 2 packs / Giveaway i67 Cheap Cello V2

Hello friends!
Im little confuzed with "Summer breeze"

I finish this event mission 53 times, but i have only 2 card rewards.
If i understood good, chance to get card from this mission is 1/10 or 10%
that is big chance but i stil dont get rewards. Is there bug or just luck?
Also can we get legendary card from this or no?

I open 2 packs, nice cards i have 3x rare cards, so for me that is not bad, also i like cards with a lot fans. For now i dont get any epic or legendary card from packs, but i hope i will get in next packs something with large number of fans because i need it for missions starbits millionare...


Just make comment with your username (hive - risingstar)
Vote no need, you can if you want and tnx if you vote
cya after 7 days and GL

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