Giveaway i102 Red trumpet / 18.03.2023.

Hello friends!
im lvl 114 in RIsingStar game,
30125 Fans
5383 Luck
50600 Skill and
554 IM

Most of time i play second mission in map 3, "Full band support" where i can get 70-900 starbits, and i work this mission like 5 times per day, and i doo other missions like "full band headline" also mission in map 3. Also i work every day Millionare mission, who is new and dont know what is millionare mission,
You need to have lvl 50 and 1 mill starbits on HIVE-ENGINE, and requer number of fans every day.

Lets start with giveaway from last post.
@sonyared @pulubengdugs @henruc @bitandi @olaf.gui @vaynard86 @kryptofire

Winner for 110 Kristof:

Winner for 200 starbits:

Winner for 100 starbits:

🍀🍀🎁 GIVEAWAY 🎁🍀🍀

Hello friends!Today for GIVEAWAY we have card:i102 Red trumpet
How to participate?
Simple just post in comments your RISINGSTAR username and you are in.
Second place 200Starbits
3 rd place 100 Starbits
🍀🍀🍀Good luck🍀🍀🍀

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