My RisingStar update 23-11-2021

I have not update my risingstar status for 7 days so I think today is a good day to do so. I am telling that I am still playing this game.
Getting acknowledgement from @risingstargame encourages me to contine playing this game but I think @risingstargame is mainly focusing on giveaway posts. It can attracts more people by giveaway post but at the present time there are too many giveaway post. Some post does not worth to try. I think @risingstargame should limit the giveaway posts by amount of price or time frame. Instead of giving 1000 Starbits or one cheap card everyday why can not they make a post with more valuable prize in 7 days. There are 43 giveaway posts in last @risingstargame post. I think they are abusing your game. They are abusing your kindness. They are farming rewards by spamming their giveaway posts. So It is up to you how will you decide. If you insisted on allowing this to happen you will see 100 giveaway posts a day very soon.

Without further ado, I will contine my post.

Home Town


Local Gig Circuit


Custom Shop


Music Lessons


This is my risingstar basic tutorial post.


If you want to play risingstar please use the following link:

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