Rising star game: Play Rising Star Game On Android Device (Full Mobile Setup without Pc)

Many peoples can't play rising star game because they think its only for pc or need pc for first time to setup game.

Many players use mobile link which generated on rising star website for playing game on mobile.

Today I'll show you full setup on android device without using pc or unique link for playing on mobile.

Let's start.....

First download and install hive keychain app directly from playstore.

Open hive keychain app.

Click on existing account.


You will see add account option.

Write your hive account name as shown in the picture below.

Paste your private posting key in the 2nd box.

Click on import.


Choose any 6 numbers pin.

This pin will be asked every time when you try to open hive keychain app.


Confirm pin.


Boom..... you will be logged in your hive account with hive keychain.

Click on 3 dots in upper right corner.


Click on browser.


Now you will see the same screen as shown in the picture below.

Click on search icon.


Write rising star game in the search bar or paste rising star game website url.


Click on rising star game website URL.


Now you will be redirected to rising star game website's home page.

Click on login.

Write your hive account and click.

sign in transaction screen will pop up.

sign the transaction and you will be logged in to your rising star account.


Click on start a mission and enjoy playing rising star on mobile.



This is a complete setup for playing rising star on android device without mobile link and pc.

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