USAB are ready for the OLYMPICS


Coach Popovich always has funny comments. When they asked him about Booker and Jrue, Middleton coming to join Team USA pretty late. He wanted them to sleep and grab enough rest. You can see his mentality. As a coach he got to decide how to play them. The two Champions will play with less stress knowing they got it right. I am not sure for all three but these guys look humble to me.

After winning and playing the Finals, they decided anyway to come over, it pays dividend for team USA. I can say now they look solid for gold. Looking at their schedule, Sunday match could be a pain to start but they can get the best of it. The next two games are going to be the usual for them. No easy game in any competition so far. They'd better represent full court.

NBA season seems to be over but for us in #Dunksocial it is a 365 affair. I am locked in with basketball news. Only time could be my issue. With Bucks as Champion, Giannis has joined some elite list by scoring 50 points. Elgin Baylor topped it at 61 points. Where it is more points and rebounds and blocks, Giannis lead on that category with 50, 14 and 5.
Even Bobby Portis pulled some giants from the bench with 16 points. Sometimes you might think that is not a lot, it all adds up at the end.

For now we have some international basket coming our way. I will be watching team Nigeria as well and team Australia. When you have NBA players, the expectation is higher to deliver higher basketball game IQ. It will be busy week for the fans. Draft is coming next Thursday. So much will be decided then. Free agency will open another window to see where reinforcements are coming from.
So much ahead.

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