Can Ben Simmons Please Leave Now

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Yesterday at the Sixers media day, the big question that was asked to almost everyone that took the stand was "do you think Ben Simmons will be back?"

A disappointing number of answers were actually painstakingly optimistic, with Morrey and Rivers both saying that they would like to see Ben back and are doing everything possible.

Ben followed this up by making up more reasons why Philly is not the right fit for him and saying how it was Embiid's style of play that kept him from growing and succeeding...

More excuses from one of the most disappointing guys Philly has seen and we watched Markelle Fultz forget how to play basketball.

Just a reminder that we could have drafted Jaylen Brown, Pascal Siakam, Malcom Brogdon, Brandon Ingram or literally anyone else alive that year and would not be having this struggle now.

What does everyone think of this? I am hoping that every time I get an ESPN notification on my phone it is Ben Simmons being traded as far away as possible...

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