a dirty Honda causes serious damage

Honda was produced by Japan for the Indonesian people to make it easier for public or private transportation equipment in daily needs, both for work, traveling, and traveling so that it is easy for people to travel, but maybe people, especially ordinary Hondas, after being used or used for traveling, Honda often gets dirty and dirty. not enough clean because it is often not cared for. As a result of not being cared for, dirty Hondas become brittle and dull, especially the rubber rubber, the cable cables can break due to the Honda not being cared for. Maybe so that the Honda is awake, it would be nice to clean the Honda or wash it after getting mud on the Honda. looks clean, beautiful to look at and maintained due to frequent maintenance and always waiting for Honda to be serviced on time. So Honda is comfortable for us to use and we are easy to use



Like Pak Arman Maulana, Hondas are often not maintained or not washed. due to a dirty Honda, there was severe damage due to the break of the Honda fan belt. Investigate after investigation, the fan belt broke because Honda was not serviced and Honda was often dirty in Honda's washroom, so that several seasons Honda was badly damaged because the Honda fan belt was damaged, Mr. Arman. Finally, Mr. Arman realized the importance of Honda being punctual and often washing Hondas to prevent dust from sticking to the Honda fan belt.





Mr. Bayu is always safe, Mr. Bayu always takes care of his Honda, until now it still looks new and the pull is very satisfying in using a motorbike. Maybe Mr. Bayu often does Honda service and always washes his favorite Honda. As a result of his treatment on Honda, until now Honda has it still looks new and comfortable to use.



both friends and the community, especially those who often use Honda before your Honda has problems and results in accidents and serious damage, how beautiful it is that the Honda is always cared for in service, please always wash and clean the Honda at the appointed time so that the Honda is always clean and tidy her condition. but if it's time to break, what can you do, you have to be patient, friend...? well, friends, the Honda looks clean and comfortable, let's take a walk in the afternoon around the city, we see a very beautiful view. @zanilzahara

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