The Beauty of Village Panoramas in HDR Photos






Every inch of land in the village always provides extraordinary beauty. The vast rice fields, thriving trees are neatly lined up and the villagers are busy working on the gardens.

Every eye that takes a look at the beautiful nature, will definitely feel something that is difficult to describe in words. But all will enjoy in silence.

I always feel happy every time I walk towards a village far from where I live. The Mesji has a narrow road and sometimes there are many livestock roaming around, but that is actually a complement. Not something that disturbs our comfort.

Many people who live in cities, on weekends just look for the atmosphere in remote villages to feel a different atmosphere, which is far from the roar of vehicles and air pollution due to industry.

The following are photos that I recorded with the Vivo V-15 cell phone camera when on last Sunday I entered several villages in Samudera District, North Aceh Regency. This village is more than 35 kilometers from my house.

Zainal Bakri

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