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My arrival with a color change in the image

I got some original photos and modified them. Yes, I will not shoot at the sky this time. These photos are converted into retro colors using the Photoshop application. Don't look at me, I just taught myself Photoshop, and here are some of the photos I featured.









It's Retro mode, let me know if it's wrong. Many can't tell the difference between retro and vintage. Although people can easily call it retro design, what is displayed is vintage.

What is the difference? Vintege designs use warm natural colors, usually using brownish tones, and retro designs that are more colorful.

It is difficult to tell the difference, because there are no specific rules that distinguish the two types of designs. And what I show is a retro design, looks simple and has a high and modern printing technology style.

Thank you, I hope this can color your eyes.

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