Starting the Year in A High Note: Aerial Shots from that Gyrocopter Ride

White Beach in Basdaku, Moalboal.

Hello Hive!

This is officially my first post of 2021. To be honest, I'm still overwhelmed with how my 2020 had ended that I still can't put into words what I had just experienced. Although I really wanted post about how everything came to be to compliment with @scubahead's post, I decided to postpone it later when I'm already in a right frame of thinking.

Panagsama Beach

To just break the possible long hiatus, as I still don't know when this whole chaotic thinking will end, I decided that I should start sharing some photos either from diving or from the gyrocopter ride. Since was inspired by @millycf1976's post, I went with the gyrocopter ride. Special thanks to @iamyohann for that overwhelming experience!

Town of Moalboal with the mountain ranges of Badian in the background.

It's been a while since I posted in Photography Lovers community. I just don't know how unproductive I was last year. It was so mundane and my sense of time was really distorted. Good thing the last four days of 2020 just became the highlight of my year and I have a lot of people to thank for that. I already made a post dedicated to them, but it's not enough. I'll forever be grateful. Anyway, you can find the link in that post below:

I was amazed that aerial photographs offer a really different perspective of the landscape. Even if these photos are taken from my phone, was satisfied with the outcome. I actually made a promised myself that I would take videos, but when we were already up in the air, I forgot everything and just take a lot of photos instead.

I still have reserved photos from my camera because I decided to use them in a post about the whole flying experience. In the meantime, here are some of my favourites that are taken from my phone:

Yohann with his gyrocopter.

These photos are taken in the coastal towns of Ronda, Alcantara, and Moalboal. Most of the photos are from Moalboal specifically Panagsama Beach, White Beach, and Pescador Island.

Those four photos above are from the mangrove areas of Alcantara.

Town proper of Alcantara, Cebu.

Coast of Badian and Zaragosa Island

We then flew over Pescador Island. I already shared to you one of the photos in my previous post, but I'll share it again together with the two close up photos of the island.

After Pescador Island, we flew over the coast of Moalboal, like Panagsama Beach and White Beach, which are both shown in the first three photos above. After Moalboal, we went back to the airstrip. Here are some of the photos taken along the route.

I guess that's all for this post. See you when I make a full post regarding the whole experience. I hope it will be soon! Stay tuned!

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