Among more silhouettes (Photos by @wilfredocav)

Photo by @wilfredocav

There is no doubt that I like this type of photography, because it is as if one were drawing with the light, that is the function of any professional photographer or not. And this photograph did that action, when I was with my cousin in Los Medanos de Coro-Venezuela, and at the perfect moment I captured this image in the most spontaneous way.

Photo by @wilfredocav

In this picture the main figure is the silhouette of my wife @carminasalazarte, one day when we went to visit La Llovizna Park, Bolivar-Venezuela. Just when she was appreciating the spray of the waterfalls in front of her, my action was to capture that unique moment.


My motive in this photograph, was not to show the character of this statue, but to compose with the silhouette a photograph of this type, adapting to the atmosphere of that moment, this image was taken during a trip that I made to Mérida-Venezuela, specifically in the town of Mucuchies.


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