Emotionless - the things i found in AKKO (series of the images - but one per day) - VI.

Our life is an Anthropological experience - the whole of our life from the first second of our existence in the mother's womb until the last understandable exhalation (i still don't have any experience with the last one). Also very curious to know what is our last action - an inhale or an exhale. Somehow there is some association of the end of life with the exhale process, not sure why.
Anyway, during my visit to the Akko (Acre) old city street market, I witnessed the scene that you can see in the image below. The life of the market was stopped for a minute, this coffin and the only men, following it, most of them wore masks. Very serious faces, forward-looking eyes. No words, no cries. Just a silent row of people walking fast.
My friend, who stands next to me, said that we were witnesses to a very sad moment. To which I answered him that this moment is very sad only for the close the body in coffin people - the family and the friends. The one which is inside is already not sad and not happy, more emotionless, than something explainable by words and feelings, and finally, all we are will be at his/her current place.


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