Dead Sea trip - some wonderful checkpoints. (series of images).

Today morning I took picked up my friend and we decided to make a trip to the Dead Sea. (well it's so big that said word "trip" is because the Dead Sea is just one hour of drive from my living place). Yes, an unbelievable fact - some people travel thousands and thousands of kilometers, far from countries and continents to see this natural phenomenon and to put their legs or their whole bodies in the super salty water of this sea. I have even not touched it at all. Just enjoyed the silence and the emptiness. Well, the place was almost silent due to the strong wind and high waves, which I never saw before in this place. And the emptiness was not too empty - I saw dozens of people occupying this usually empty shore. It was a very strange feeling about the changes that happened everywhere, even in this far and hot, an empty of shadows and drinking water place.
I decided to return back there again during cold winter days when people prefer to stay at home than travel.
Here are some of the checkpoints of the whole short trip. The Zero level point. The abandoned damaged car on the shore. The salty waves. My friend standing on the edge. Ali - the king of dates.

The camel at the Zero level point.


We found it here, fully damaged and abandoned forever.





Ali is the dates engineer, as he said. Right now in his store, there are more than 40 kinds of dates.


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