Turning water into silk-long exposure

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Walking through the mountains I found this small waterfall, waterfalls are always appreciated even if they are small like this one and it is an opportunity to change that precious element that is more valuable than gold.

IMGP3951 copia.jpg

Pentax k20 HS ISO 100-F6.7-S1/10

We will change the little jumping drops into silk thanks to the speed of the camera.
Shutter speed there is the secret, you have to lower it, this time I did not lower it much since I did not have a tripod, a very important thing for these photographs, but we were just going for a walk and we did not expect to find it, nor take the tripod for a ride.

IMG_6346 copia.jpg
Canon PowerShot SX730 HS ISO 400-F4-S1/100

IMGP3950 copia.jpg
Pentax k20 HS ISO 100-F5.6-S1/10

But here she is lonely in a small stream that was hidden in the undergrowth, only she was visible.
So I couldn't get past it without taking a shot.

IMGP3941 copia.jpg
Pentax k20 HS ISO 100-F3.5-S1/20

The water becomes like a soft and silky veil, the different and separate drops all come together to give a special note to the photos.

IMG_6355 copia.jpg
Canon PowerShot SX730 HS ISO 400-F4-S1/100

IMGP3946 copia.jpg
Pentax k20 HS ISO 100-F3.5-S1/15

The photographs are taken with two cameras, my little Canon and the Pentax SLR.
This is where you notice the difference in cameras and color.

IMGP3945 copia.jpg
Pentax k20 HS ISO 100-F4-S1/20

IMG_6351 copia.jpg
Canon PowerShot SX730 HS ISO 125-F4-S1/30

The pentax has more depth and sharper colors, but you also have to carry it and it weighs since its body is made of metal which in its time was the best for the rain, which is essential in the area where I live.
IMGP3940 copia.jpg

Pentax k20 HS ISO 100-F4-S1/10

The canon is more about jogging and carrying it in the back pocket of the pants, so the truth is I never know which to decide.

IMG_6334 copia.jpg

IMG_6330 copia.jpg

IMG_6325 copia.jpg

But they are all beautiful and although I tell you that the exposure time was not long enough, they were quite good.

IMG_6336 copia.jpg

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