The family greets us

Hello friends

The holidays of this Easter have been days of sun and heat, which makes us go out to the field and find this surprise.

IMG_6540 copia.jpg

He comes lightly to greet us with his hooves in the wind, he is happy because spring attracted us on a sunny day and he lets him trot across the meadow.

IMG_6565 copia.jpg

His family is with the large and precious animals, their hair shone and their manes fluttered in the wind.

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I trot like a colt that I am and I feel light, I have to run to make myself strong as a mother.

IMG_6544 copia.jpg

The mare's hooves were shiny and somewhat chipped, almost like my working nails.

IMG_6561 copia.jpg

IMG_6560 copia.jpg

These photographs are from Thursday of last week, a 3-hour day walk through the countryside, full of blooming flowers and a green meadow, when I met them, animals are my passion and if they see them so beautiful, much more.

IMGP4034 copia.jpg

IMG_6594 copia.jpg

IMG_6590 copia.jpg

They made me have a happy time.
They weren't scared and were looking for caresses, I wasn't scared of them either, so I managed to put the camera very close, so close that the lens almost brushed the animal, so we can see its folds and its large mouth with its lips looking for food that I did not have. , but I managed to pet them and that is a great achievement for animals that you do not know.

IMG_6589 copia.jpg

IMG_6577 copia.jpg

IMG_6570 copia.jpg

IMG_6541 copia.jpg

IMG_6554 copia.jpg

My little Canon PowerShot SX730 HS did not stop photographing and these are the best images that I managed to capture on a day out full of surprises, appreciating nature and its beings who like us enjoy a good day of spring sunshine.

IMGP4041 copia.jpg

IMG_6592 copia.jpg

Canon PowerShot SX730 HS
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