Clouds descended on the mountains


In the mountains, it is very interesting to watch how clouds descend to the peaks of the mountains. You won't find this on the plains or in the forests. Of course, there is something similar there too, and it is called fog. But the fog seems to rise from below, from the surface of the earth and lies shrouded at a low altitude. But the clouds, on the contrary, descend from the tops of the mountains down. They wrap these peaks like thick cotton wool. Sometimes they get caught on these peaks, get stuck and hang on them in shreds until the wind blows and tears them off on a long journey.

It is stressful and disturbing to observe how slowly and quietly this phenomenon is acting. It seems that you have entered some kind of magical world and an evil magician-sorcerer is forcing some unprecedented element on this place with his charms.

This wall or huge wave is slowly descending from the mountains like an avalanche. It does not cause any destruction, and it does not sow death. But it seems that this is a poisonous fog, from which it is urgently necessary to run somewhere.

But there is nowhere to run, there are only mountains around. And you have to accept the inevitable. And now these clouds are very close, they are all around, they have surrounded this gorge, and even if we could quickly escape along the riverbed, this escape route has already been cut off.

Sometimes, among small breaks in the clouds, a piercing blue sky peeps through and this gives us hope that the world will not cease to exist today))

And this misty wave suddenly stops its advance. She stops and starts waiting for something. We understand that gradually we lose the feeling of hopelessness and fear. These are just clouds and they are not poisonous at all and there is no evil wizard who would like to destroy us. We are not in a fabulous Middle-earth and we do not need to fight with Sauron.

It will only take a couple of hours and the gorge will be flooded with sunlight again, and it will be warm, and at night the stars will shine on us.
Although the weather may change several more times by nightfall.

The only mountains that can be better than mountains are those that you haven't been to yet!

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