Standing Alone but Proud

Good Tuesday, tree lovers!

Here's another post for #treetuesday...

These photos were taken in a small village in the South region of Portugal, a little town called Arraiolos. This is a very quiet little town and the weather is usually very hot here, so it's a perfect place for resting.

In such a hot town it's indispensable to have some cooler spaces to hide away from the sun... and what better way to get a shade than with a tree?


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Even a lone tree is quite important in this town, so this tree stands proud at the centre of this tiny square. Although it is completely by herself, her shade pretty much covers the entire square. 😎


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Depending on the hour those two benches will be under the sun... or under the shade of the tree. 😊

All through the town you'll find posters with inspirational sentences made by well known personalities. Since Arraiolos is not very far from Spain, some of these messages are from Spanish people.

In this square, these two messages stood out:

  • Poisa amor em tudo o que vês. ~ Rita Redshoes (Portuguese Rock Singer)
  • ¿Será que el mar es salado de toda la gente que entra y llora? ~ Gemma Galán (Spanish TV Anchor / Actress)

In English these are translated to:

  • Land love in everything you see.
  • Could it be that the sea is salty because of everyone who enters and cries?

I think this is a very nice idea and turns the town a little more interesting and beautiful.

I hope you liked these shots. Leave a comment down below, if you wish.

LocationArraiolos, Évora - Portugal
CameraPanasonic Lumix DC-TZ90
Photos2 (Edited with GIMP)


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