Remembering Happy Days

Good morning, everyone!

After this fall in the market I'm having 2018 PSTD. I have managed to get out of some positions over the last year or so but, of course, not from all of them. I still have a lot of coins that are getting crushed more and more everyday. And HIVE, oh, poor HIVE... it's getting beaten like a chicken crossing the highway. Oh, well... I survived the last Crypto Winter and I'll survive this one, too. But I know it's going to be painful. Very, very painful. 🤢

To take my mind off these dark times, I'm sharing a couple of shots from last New Year's Eve, when we were all happy and talking about Bitcoin and when it would reach 100k. Well, those dreams are dead now. We went in the opposite direction. Even in times with high inflation, the one asset in the world that was created to counter inflation, haven't worked as intended. This doesn't prove that Bitcoin is a failure but that most people who bought Bitcoin... still don't get what they bought. Most are only interested in getting more $ or € out of it. And when they get scared, they all head for the exits like rats abandoning a sinking ship. 🐀

Enough of market talk.

I hope you enjoy these shots...


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As a last thought, here's a joke I heard the other day:

"- What's a thing you can say when the markets are falling... but also during sex?"
"- I should have pulled out earlier."

LocationVila nova de Gaia - Portugal
CameraSamsung Galaxy A70
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