Old and Abandoned [Qurator's Photo Quest - Abandoned Places]

Good afternoon, everyone!

I found this little gem next to the Rio Ave (Bird River), at the entrance of a town called Trofa. This small house was located in private land and enclosed by some fences but I didn't care, I had to jump it and trespass the property... just to take a few shots. 🤫

This is my entry for the Qurator's Photo Quest - Abandoned Places hosted by @qurator.


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It's mind-boggling to me to see a house in such a fine location being left to rot, what a waste... I wonder why the owners ignored it until the point it started being eaten by the surrounding vegetation.


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Here's a closer shot.

Sure, it is not very big and probably unfit for a family... but even though, wouldn't it be preferable to donate such a house to someone who would love living in it, instead of abandoning it like this? 🤔


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Check out the views around this small hut. To one side you can see upstream, where the river waters are almost still. There's no undulation on the surface at all... so relaxing. 🤗


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To the other side there's a tiny cascade which creates some movement in the waters and a really soothing sound.


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I hope you liked these photos.

Now, a little question: can you picture yourself living in such a place or would you need something bigger?

LocationGuidões, Trofa - Portugal
CameraPanasonic Lumix DC TZ-90
Photos5 (Edited with GIMP)

If you wish to enter the contest, the announcement link is here:
Qurator's Photo Quest - Abandoned Places.


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