An Interesting Lamppost [PhotoChain Challenge - 103rd Edition]

Good afternoon, friends!

Here's a new entry for the 103rd Edition of PhotoChain Challenge, hosted by @davidesimoncini. The keywords for this week are Leaves and Tree, picked by the previous winners of the challenge: @gems.and.cookies and @hindavi.

(My personal keyword is... Lamppost.)

Here is a simple shot I took at the centre of Mirandela. I enjoyed the design of this old lamppost, it's something a bit rare since - over the last century or so - most of them were replaced by uglier and modern versions with no sense of style whatsoever.

Or I could be totally wrong and this could be a modern and stylish piece recently installed... but I doubt it. 😆 It seems quite old to me.


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This was surrounded by trees and located next to a parish council, which was unusually painted fresh, so I took the chance to grab both of them together.

I hope you enjoyed this shot.

LocationMirandela - Portugal
CameraPanasonic Lumix DC-TZ90
PhotoEdited with GIMP

If you wish to enter the contest, the announcement link is here:
PhotoChain Challenge - 103rd Edition.


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