A Duo of Relaxing Slovaks [PhotoChain Challenge - 24rd Edition]

Hello, fellow Hive Bees!

This is my entry for the PhotoChain Challenge: 24rd Edition, hosted by @davidesimoncini.

The keywords for this edition are Dog and Relax, picked by the previous winners @sgbonus and @pavelsku.

After browsing through my archives I found a few shots I could go with but I ended up picking this one, taken at a public garden in Nitra, Slovakia. Here we see a kid relaxing and reading a book, while his dog accompanied him.


Here is another shot of the two of them... At that moment I was more interested in the Graffiti wall but I found this scene so cute I had to take them a couple of shots, too. 😊


This is a very peaceful garden, with few people around. A perfect place to relax and breathe a little bit of fresh air. Nearby there are some cool swimming pools with some sliders, for those who like to be more active. 😉

LocationNitra - Slovakia
CameraPanasonic DC-TZ90
Photos2 (Edited with GIMP)

If you want to to participate, here's the link again: PhotoChain Challenge: 24rd Edition

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