A 360º Panoramic Shot at the Beach [Seaphotography Contest - Week 135]

Good afternoon, sea captains!

Here is my entry for the Seaphotography Contest - Week 135 hosted by @marc-allaria.

This Saturday I went to the beach again and the weather was incredible. The sun was shining and lots and lots of seagulls were resting on the rocks. As I was leaving, I looked around and saw very few people around, which gave me an excellent opportunity to make a Panoramic Shot. 🤓

I was able to do a complete 360º turn... and the final image turned out even better than I had originally planned. The whole shot has 11088 × 1632 pixels!!! Here's the result of that experience:


Open Full Sized Photo In New Window

You'll need to open the Full Image (using the link above) to be able to see it better... otherwise, you will miss a lot of details.

Over here, some restrictions were lifted. I hope things are getting better on your country and you are no longer trapped inside your own home. Have a nice week! 🤗

LocationVila Chã, Vila do Conde - Portugal
CameraSamsung Galaxy A70
PhotosEdited with GIMP

If you wish to enter the contest, the announcement link is here:
Seaphotography Contest - Week 135.


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