Still call it fate ?


This concept is very much close to my heart, where I got to portray a matured character and responsibilities of a pregnant mother and suffering that she goes through when her girl child was considered as a baggage to the society.

This was my first shoot with the very talented photographer Udbhav Nayak He conceptualised this entire shoot in such an amazing manner, when he approached for the first time he narrated me the entire story frame by frame, which infact touched my heart and I was willing to do.


It happened after two months since we met, this shoot had completely a different set up , experiments and experience and of course we had to over come so much of challenges, since it was raining very badly at our shoot locations. I had a responsibilities of pulling off a very much powerful and emotional side.

Before the shoot I remember doing method acting and mastering that technique was pretty much tricky and personally I had an issue from coming out of the character. The involvement was so much that I went numb for a week and it took me a while to get out from the character. This shoot was infact a turn over unlike my first conecpt shoot pain.

This brought a whole new twist to my entire modeling career and from then on I was confident in portraying such emotions. This shoot personally made me feel strong and everything about it was absolutely raw and effective.

Kudos to entire team of this shoot and indeed they did a great job handling everything smoothly. Honestly never thought I would be a part of such an amazing shoot till date and from then on it was onwards and upwards with great responsibilities.

Picture by :- Udbhav Nayak
Team :- Kruthi Nayak, Sandeep Kumar, Bharath Raj, Pranay Kini


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