I think you completed it


It's 3am in the night , we are sitting outside the balcony , Sharing that last sip of beer . Your warm hands were holding mine. The vibe was different. It was only two of us . Cold breeze starts blowing, my hair strands were on my cheeks ,you slide them off . Our eyes meet , I mean there was some kind of spark that we had. . We both try to brush it off with our little giggles. You crave for that amazing cup of tea that I make around half past 3. . I head towards the kitchen. You follow me silently , hold me from back , you slide hair from my neck. You kill the that last drag of Cigarette which you never do . I ask that same question , why did you kill that last drag? , you just smirk , may be I've never seen that side of yours before . You kiss on my neck slowly. And then you ask me do you want to see stars shining . Again we head to the balcony . You play I see fire by Ed Sheeran in the back ground. There was a half done painting left in corner , and I ask you why is that half done ? You tell it in one word " I think "you " completed it .



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