Found An Antique Doll In The Garden Today, Then Random Doll Head Spotted In Alley

Got to say it was a rather odd surprise to find this antique doll buried in the soil! It is very small with movable arms and painted eyes. The house we have used to be an old Church that opened in 1903! I also do metal detecting and found a couple odd items as well. Will post that when I make the metal detector finds post.

It is rather dirty having come from the earth. The front is worn but the back is very smooth. I find that rather odd as well, don't know why that is so. I love finding stuff like this! I remember I am a fan of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, he was big into doll collecting too, so I felt a bit of a connection to that spirit today.

Later in the day I found another doll head in an alley way! So weird. It adds to the oddness of these times. Been feeling good yet strange lately. Been having the creeps and some feelings of dread. It's because of the precariousness of the situation and most people into covid conspiracy. I feel like I don't really have many to talk to or relate to lately. I'm still good at getting into my own world too sometimes. This doll synchronicity added a bit more excitement to the oddity.

All in all some creepy weird good finds!! Now I'm looking forward to metal detecting some more to find more weird stuff!! If I don't find anything much else soon that's okay. I have a small collection of objects already.

Here are a couple videos of the doll and doll head!!

I like how this video turned out hehe, kinda good and creepy

This second video shows the moveable arms and the other doll head!!

Music in videos by Synthesis Underground. Here is what is coming next!!

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